Whitney Haring-Smith

Managing Partner

Whitney Haring-Smith is an entrepreneur and investor focused primarily on industrial and technology businesses. As a Managing Partner at Anzu Partners, Dr. Haring- Smith leads the portfolio support functions and has led most of Anzu’s acquisitions and software companies. He led the sourcing and diligence for the acquisition of Axsun Technologies from Royal Philips NV in October 2015, the take-private of Slyce from the TSX-V in January 2017, and a select set minority investments in software and materials. For example, he led the investment into MultiMechanics, a Nebraska-based materials simulation software company, in 2017 and served on its board when acquired by Siemens PLC in November 2019. Dr. Haring-Smith currently serves on the board of several Anzu portfolio companies..

Prior to Anzu Partners, Dr. Haring-Smith was a Principal at The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) where he focused on energy, industrial goods, and globalization while working in BCG’s San Francisco, Seattle, and Hong Kong offices. During his tenure with BCG, Dr. Haring-Smith served energy clients in the United States, the United Kingdom, Nigeria, Angola, and Argentina. In industrial goods, Dr. Haring-Smith coordinated operational transformations for clients in the manufacturing and mining industries across the United States, both working in white-collar corporate headquarters and on-site in steel-toed boots to drive operational change.

While based in BCG’s Hong Kong office, Dr. Haring-Smith worked with David Michael on BCG’s flagship globalization report Global Challengers: Allies and Adversaries, which identified 100 high-growth companies from emerging markets with the potential to become global leaders in their industries.
In early stage companies, Dr. Haring-Smith was the co-founder & board chairman of College Abacus, a website that became the “Kayak.com of college financial aid” in the United States. From 2012 to 2014, College Abacus was featured in the New York Times, CNN Money, Yahoo Finance, CBS News, Fox Business, and other publications. In 2014, College Abacus was acquired by ECMC.

Dr. Haring-Smith earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees simultaneously from Yale University, magna cum laude, and received his doctorate from Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar from Pennsylvania.