Our portfolio companies are on the cutting edge of their fields. Many are in growth mode and we’re happy to feature their job openings here.

Please check back often – we update this list regularly (including open positions with our firm).

Operations Manager – Omaha, NE
UX Software Engineer – Omaha, NE
FEM Software Engineer – Omaha, NE
DevOps Engineer – Omaha, NE
Customer Success Manager – Omaha, NE
Computational Geometry Software Engineer – Omaha, NE
Application Engineer – Omaha, NE

UX Designer – Washington, D.C.
Back End Engineer – Washington, D.C.
DevOps Engineer – Washington, D.C.
JavaScript/Client Side Engineer – Washington, D.C.
Customer Support Manager – Washington, D.C.
Product Manager – Washington, D.C.

Deep Learning Engineer – Halifax, NS
Mobile Engineer – Philadelphia, PA
Mobile Engineer, Android – Philadelphia, PA
Software Engineer – Philadelphia, PA
Product Designer – Philadelphia, PA
Product Manager – Philadelphia, PA

Associate (Investment) – Boston, San Diego, Washington
Accountant – Tampa
Summer Associate (2018) – Boston, San Diego, Washington
Summer Intern (2018) – Boston, San Diego, Washington