Anzu Revenue-Based Investments (RBI)

Anzu Partners provides revenue generating companies with non-dilutive growth capital. These investments are designed to be flexible and fill a gap between dilutive equity and term debt. Anzu’s growth capital targets $1M-$15M investments and payback is based on a percent of a company’s revenue.

Revenue-based vs. Equity

Revenue-based vs. Term Debt

Use Cases

  • Non-dilutive
  • No complications with setting valuation
  • Does not interfere with current board voting member structure
  • Provides access to Anzu’s strategic portfolio support services
  • Aligned investor and entrepreneur interests around growth
  • More accessible form of capital with much shorter time to closing
  • No fixed term avoids “ticking time bomb”
  • Does not require financing covenants or warrant coverage
  • Simpler transaction process
  • More robust national portfolio support services than a bank
  • No personal or investor guarantees
  • Does not require physical collateral
  • Does not require a strong credit rating
  • Stand-alone financing round
  • In-conjunction with an equity raise
  • Bridge between rounds
  • M&A financing
  • Debt restructuring
  • Capital Projects

Interested in RBI opportunities?

Please submit a company questionnaire for us to review in order to be considered for RBI opportunities.