Axsun Technologies Announces Breakthrough Tunable VCSEL Platform for Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Imaging

BILLERICA, Mass., July 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Axsun Technologies, Inc., a leading developer and supplier of MEMS-based optical engines for medical imaging, industrial spectroscopy, and optical telecommunications, today announced the development of a novel Tunable Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (Tunable VCSEL) platform for OCT imaging applications.

Raising the bar on OCT imaging performance, Axsun’s new Tunable VCSEL platform leverages the company’s core strengths of high performance optical integration and cost-effective volume manufacturing. By integrating all the major tunable VCSEL components into a single compact butterfly package, the Axsun tunable VCSEL enables higher performance and flexibility, reliability and scalability with low power consumption.

“While our patented external cavity laser designs offer excellent value and performance, such as wide tuning bandwidth and high power, Axsun’s Tunable VCSEL promises significant benefits in performance and scalability for targeted applications, and we are excited about our progress in this area,” said Peter Whitney, Axsun Founder and Chief Science Officer. “Based on our proven MEMS and optical hybrid packaging technology, we are confident that our VCSEL will provide a superior solution for many existing and emerging OCT imaging applications.”

“We are extremely proud of the ongoing commercial adoption and technical success we have had with our core technology,” said Axsun CEO Jonathan Hartmann. “This next generation of Axsun technology will build on that to offer even greater value and performance to our customers. We look forward to partnering with our customers to bring this technology to the market.”

Axsun has made rapid progress in its VCSEL development to date and has commenced work with leading Medical imaging OEMs on customized development of products based on the new tunable VCSEL platform.

Further announcements on technical performance and commercial availability will be forthcoming in 2018.

About Axsun Technologies
Axsun Technologies, Inc., established in 1998, is a leading developer and supplier of MEMS-based optical engines for medical imaging, industrial spectroscopy and optical telecommunications applications. Through its expertise in micro-optics, packaging and precision engineering, Axsun has pioneered an entirely new class of high-performance, miniaturized instruments and devices enabling a dramatic shift from lab-based measurements to on-line, at-line and in-vivo measurements. Further information can be found at